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For the proper operation of the website (hereinafter: “Website”) RedComm Sp. z o.o. (hereinafter: “RedComm”) uses Cookies technology. Cookies should be understood as IT data stored in Website user’s end devices (hereinafter referred to as “Users”), intended for using websites, in particular these are information packages saved on the User’s device via the Website, usually containing information consistent with the purpose of the given file , by means of which the User uses the Website – these are usually: the address of the Website, date of placing, expiry date, unique number and additional information consistent with the purpose of the given file.
RedComm uses two types of Cookies: session cookies, which are deleted permanently at the end of the User’s browser session, and persistent cookies that remain after the end of the browser session on the User’s device until they are deleted.
Based on Cookies, both session and permanent, it is not possible to determine the User’s identity. The Cookies mechanism does not allow the collection of any personal data.
Website cookies are safe for Users’ devices, in particular they do not allow viruses or other software to enter the device.
Files generated directly by the Website cannot be read by other websites. External Cookies (i.e. Cookies placed by RedComm partners) can be read by an external server.
The User may disable saving Cookies on their device in accordance with the browser manufacturer’s instructions, but this may result in the unavailability of some or all of the Website’s functions.
RedComm uses cookies to:
providing services, logging in and maintaining User sessions on each subsequent page of the Website; adjusting the content of the website to the User’s individual preferences, first of all, these files recognize his device to display the Website in accordance with his preferences;
to create anonymous statistics, excluding the possibility of User identification enabling optimization of the Website’s usability, through analytical tools such as Google Analytics;
use of interactive functions via social networking sites, including: facebook.com/pl, linkedin.com/pl, instagram.com/pl, google.com/pl.
The User may independently change the settings for Cookies at any time, specifying the conditions for their storage, through the web browser settings or by configuring the service. The User may also independently delete Cookies stored on his device at any time, according to the instructions of the browser manufacturer.
The most popular browsers include possibility of:
accepting cookies, which allows the User to fully use the options offered by websites;
cookie files management at the level of individual websites selected by the User;
specifying settings for various types of Cookie files, e.g. accepting permanent files as session files, etc .;
blocking or deleting cookies.
Detailed information about Cookies is available in the web browser settings.
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Our website uses cookies to provide services at the highest level. By continuing to use the site, you agree to their use.

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